Three-Wheeler Trike HAGANE

Japanese Beauty of High Quality

Two front-wheel swing mechanism

Ride with a driver's license

Feeling like a motorcycle and saving maintenance costs

No inspection, No proof garage, Drive Highway

Weight shift in the stability of the corner

Kit development for handicapped person (Reverse gear & Position return mechanism)

Styling of Hagane

The theme of the japanese helmet and sword, avant-garde styling of "WA". Style is bold and strong, however, hagane has a unique aura that emanated from a dignified. All people who watched it will be overwhelmed in the presence.

Performance of Hagane

HAGANE feature of the fun is in the running. It does not exist any driving sense. Not only Cradle-like comfort, but also sense of stability. It is also possible to penetrate the sharp. First time tostart riding is often confused, get used to it. Then, you will attracted to the intricacies of driving to get more.

Safety of Hagane

Enough attention has been because it take someone's life. Calculation the strength and strong enough to ensure in frame. Brembo brakes will be in the both front tire. It certainly stop. Stopped well short of even during cornering brake. In situations like that overturned bike or trike, hagane won't overturned in most of case. No need to worry about falling in a standing position like parking because stopper work. All parts are made in Japan that manufactures, and each one carefully assembled in Japan.

Owner’s Voice

we will introduce the blog owner permission capped. Please see the owner’s voice.

Two Front Wheels Swing Mechanism

The theme of run through a safe and exhilarating under the new sensation, two from wheels swing were developed by original knowledge and idea,exhilaration of the swing weight shift and enjoy the collaboration of stability created by the two front wheels.

*Maximum angle of the body is brought down to 30 degrees.

Line up

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Color Variation

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Maker Options

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Authorization Model JBK-SG20J
Body Stamping Model SG20J
Engine Model G359E
Length / Width / Height 2,400mm / 1,250mm / 1,150mm
Distance Between the Axle 1,700mm
Seat Height / Ground Clearance 696mm / 90mm
Vehicle Weight 212kg
Fuel Economy 38.0km / L(60km/h)
Minimum Turning Radius 2.7m
Engine Type liquid-cooled 4-stroke single; DOHC, 4 valves
Sequence number of cylinders / Total displacement Single Cylinder / 249cm3
Inside diameter x stroke 68.0mm×68.6mm
Compression Ratio 10.8:1
Maximum Power 14kW(19PS) / 6,500r/min
Maximum Torque 22N・m(2.2kgf・m) / 5,000r/min
Starting Method Cell Type
Lubrication system Wet Sump Pumping Force
Engine oil capacity 1.7L
Fuel Capacity 12L
Fueling Fuel Injection
Ignition Digital TCI
Battery Capacity / Model 12V-8.6Ah(10h) / YTZ10S
Primary Slowdown Mechanism / Slowdown Ratio Gear / 2.555(46/18)
Second Slowdown Mechanism / Slowdown Ratio Gear / 2.866(43/15)
Clutch type Centrifugal Clutch
Transmission format Double-cog V-belt auto
Slowdown Ratio 2.400~0.780
Frame Backbone
Bank Angle 30 degree
Caster 5°00'
Tires : Front / Rear 120/70-14 / 140/70-12 (Tubeless)
Braking system : Front / Rear Single hydraulic disc x 2 / Single hydraulic disc
Headlight Halogen (35W/35W) x 2
Ride Capacity Two people

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